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Sound Horizon Around 15th Anniversary was announced on October 27th, 2019 through a new Special Site[1]. This site included an audio file of a 1 minute 46 seconds song, entitled ComingNearestFuture.mp3.

Text on the Exceptional Site
To let the irreversible time reach the "Near Future" Horizon, one must first go through the "Nearest Future."

To race through it like some did, to wish for it like some did, it depends on your interpretation.

With this, the stage was set for the next release, said to be released in the "Nearest Future"...

Around 15th Anniversary Re:Master Production[edit | edit source]

On May 22nd, 2020 the production of remastered UHQCDs (Ultimate High Quality CD)s was announced for all 11 studio albums releases; including Elysion −楽園への前奏曲−, Elysion ~楽園幻想物語組曲~, 少年は剣を…, Roman, 聖戦のイベリア, Moira, イドへ至る森へ至るイド, Märchen, ハロウィンと夜の物語, いずれ滅びゆく星の煌めき(ヴァニシング·スターライト), and Nein. Under Revo's supervision, and using the latest technology, Bellwood Records, King Records and Pony Canyon jointly released these albums as a "Sound Horizon Around 15th Anniversary Re:Master Production" series. The person in charge of remastering these works was 前田康二 (Yasuji Maeda) a mastering engineer who studied under the legendary sound engineer Bernie Grundman. Each of these albums had a separate release date, starting on July 29, 2020 and ending on November 25, 2020. Each first press limited edition contains a specially illustrated postcard by yokoyan. For Fanclub members only, Sound Horizon Around 15th Anniversary Re:Master Production Complete Set was sold in two parts; the first half being shipped on July 29, 2020 and the second half shipping on October 21st. The complete set retailed for ¥30,000, about $280 USD. Bonus Extra Tracks, like Elysion システムサウンド集 from Elysion〜楽園幻想物語組曲〜, are not included on these remasters[2].

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