Atelier Iris GRAND FANTASM Original Soundtrack

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Atelier Iris GRAND FANTASM Original Soundtrack

Album by 霜月はるか†Revo, 中河健, 小林 美代子, 阿知波大輔
Label TEAM Entertainment
Catalog No. KDSD-10015~6
Barcode 4562144210968
Format 2 CD
Price ¥3,520
Release Date June 21st, 2006
Producer N/A
Revo chronology
Atelier Iris GRAND FANTASM Original Soundtrack
Atelier Vocal Historia 1997~2009

Atelier Iris GRAND FANTASM Original Soundtrack is the OST for the 2006 role-playing game Atelier Iris: Grand Phantasm (Stylized as Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm for international release). Published by TEAM Entertainment on June 21st, 2006, it contains two disc and retailed for 3360 yen. The soundtrack was composed primarily by 中河健 (Ken Nakagawa), except for track 1 on the first disc, and tracks 1, 28, and 30 on the second disc. Tracks 1, 29, and 30 of the second disc were composed by 阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa) and track 32 on the first disc was composed by 小林 美代子 (Miyoko Kobayashi). Revo only composed the first track, schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうにつながる世界~ (Game Ver.). The United States received this album in 2007, being released instead by NIS America. However, due to copyright and length reasons, tracks 1 and 33 on the first disc were not on that release. The United States (and the rest of the world) would finally be able to stream schwarzweiß on June 24, 2020 when the majority of Revo's published works were made available on numerous streaming platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and LINE MUSIC[1]. 霧の向こうに繋がる世界 and schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうにつながる世界~ (Game Ver.) were now officially able to be bought and streamed digitally as a part of Sound Horizon's 15th Anniversary.


All tracks composed and arranged by 中河健 (Ken Nakagawa), except where noted.

Disc 1: -fantasm-
1."schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうにつながる世界~ (Game Ver.)"RevoRevoRevo1:46
2."郷里の陽"   1:51
3."世界と伝承について ~前編~"   1:05
4."世界と伝承について ~後編~"   1:37
5."Grand Fantasm"   2:25
6."魔法のことば"   0:10
7."工房にいらっしゃい!"   2:14
8."水の街"   2:17
9."セールスは3時から"   1:31
10."強者たちの集う場所"   1:21
11."古書に囲まれる日々"   2:46
12."ステンドグラスに射す光"   2:18
13."地図にない道へと"   0:11
14."異世界への入り口"   0:46
15."Thunderclap"   2:51
16."霧の針葉樹"   2:15
17."古き城を訪れて"   3:02
18."古城の洞穴"   2:20
19."遥かなる刻の奏で"   2:32
20."妖精たちの戦い"   2:26
21."クマたちの戦い"   2:11
22."神秘の水晶谷"   1:56
23."神の庭園"   2:16
24."深遠"   2:03
25."精霊たちの乱舞"   2:32
26."マナとの約束"   0:10
27."おてんば姉妹"   1:36
28."Soul Boy"   2:01
29."孤高の青年騎士"   2:04
30."黒い影"   2:51
31."精霊のふるさと for グランファンタズム"   3:19
32."幽霊少女 for グランファンタズム"N/A小林美代子 (Miyoko Kobayashi)中河健 (Ken Nakagawa)1:49
33."hidden track オマケジングル集"   1:32
Disc 2: -truth-
1."Omen"N/A阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa)阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa)0:57
2."Tutorial"   1:57
3."達成だね!"   0:09
4."イリスと愉快な仲間たち"   1:55
5."散歩日和"   1:24
6."カラス空を行く"   1:08
7."二人だけの時間"   2:25
8."心の迷宮"   2:22
9."木枯し"   2:17
10."不穏な足音"   1:49
11."暗雲"   1:35
12."雷雲"   1:45
13."独り想うこと"   2:08
14."大切な人"   2:38
15."郷里の星"   1:55
16."至宝の輝き"   0:07
17."Crash!"   3:07
18."Breath of Beast"   4:07
19."Criss Cross"   3:25
20."Rain of Blossoms"   4:31
21."Desire and Commandments"   4:23
22."Eye of The Eagle"   5:18
23."歓喜の瞬間"   0:09
24."Your Status"   0:50
25."力尽き果てて"   0:13
26."ムービー用ジングル ~タイトルロゴ~"   0:17
27."ムービー用ジングル ~チャプター~"   0:22
28."つづきはまた明日…"   0:12
29."Flowers In The Rain"青木香苗 (Kanae Aoki)阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa)阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa)5:37
30."Lorelei"青木香苗 (Kanae Aoki)阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa)阿知波大輔 (Daisuke Achiwa)5:26
31."大切なことば"   5:06
32."BonusTrack ~Etude~"   1:43



※ Recorded at Primary Studio and SAME Creative Inc.