Chronicle 2nd

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1st Story Renewal CD
『Chronicle 2nd』

Chronicle 2nd.jpg

Album by Sound Horizon
Label Doujin
Catalog No. SH-CHR05
Barcode N/A
Format CD
Price ¥2,000
Release Date March 19th, 2004
Release Place Internet/Comiket 66
Producer Revo
Sound Horizon chronology
Pico Magic Reloaded
Chronicle 2nd
Elysion −楽園への前奏曲−

Chronicle 2nd's Tagline:

Rekishi wa Kaizan o Yurusanai...

"History does not allow any alterations..."

1st Story Renewal CD Chronicle 2nd is the remastered version of the 1st Story CD Chronicle and the last album of Sound Horizon's doujin era. It was released on March 19th, 2004 and contains 19 main tracks, 2 hidden tracks, and 6 bonus extra tracks. This album was made in response to the overwhelming request for Chronicle to be reprinted. Chronicle 2nd instead had substantial changes based on its' predecessor; adaptations being made to the lyrics, song contents, stories being added or removed, and the entire storyline being expanded upon. The world of Chronicle was reinterpreted with many songs, with some reaching over 8 minutes in length. According to Revo's blog, he stated "the power has increased by 300%!". As expected the HTML files contain additional songs and bonus tracks.

The album was originally scheduled for release in December of 2003 with 65th Comic Market but the work required to finish the album pushed back the release date. It was officially released on the internet in March and set to be sold in August of 2004 at the 66th Comic Market. Up until 2009 it was still possible to order the CD online in stock through The Tiger Cafe but it is no longer available for sale.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

All tracks written, composed and arranged by Revo.

Audio Track
2."詩人バラッドの悲劇" (instrumental)2:12
4."アーベルジュの戦い" (instrumental)2:02
7."聖戦と死神 第一部「銀色の死神」 ~戦場を駈ける者~"2:52
8."聖戦と死神 第二部「聖戦と死神」 ~英雄の不在~"3:52
9."聖戦と死神 第三部「薔薇と死神」 ~歴史を紡ぐ者~"4:30
10."聖戦と死神 第四部「黒色の死神」 ~英雄の帰還~"3:52
12."蒼と白の境界線" (instrumental)2:20
16."雷神の左腕" (instrumental)2:18
20."<ハジマリ>のChronicle" (hidden track)3:32
21."<空白>のChronicle" (hidden track)0:26
Bonus Extra Track
※ 『Chro2』システムヴォイス集
1."Windowsが突然起動しやがった!" (Kai.wav)0:17
2."つまらないネタでも宜しければ…" (Sas.wav)0:06
3."天地を揺るがす強大なメールじゃ!" (Kei.wav)0:07
4."私は悲しい..." (Bea.wav)0:03
5."Windowsを終了させる薔薇" (Bar.wav)0:09

Personnel[edit | edit source]

※ Produced by Sound Horizon.
※ Recorded at Studio C5.

Sound Horizon
  • Revo – words, image story, music, arrangement, mandolin, bouzouki, steel-string acoustic guitar, nylon-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, accordion, keyboards, udu, djembe, tambourine, castanet, other percussion, programming, recording, mixing, mastering
Singers and voice actors
Woodwind quartet
  • yokoyan – booklet and label design
Special thanks

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