GeNOME ~進化の遺伝子を探せ~ BGM

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GeNOME~進化の遺伝子を探せ~ (GeNOME~The Search for Evolutionary Genes~) is an 18+ Visual Novel published by AST on May 31st, 2002. It retailed for 8,800 yen and was burned onto one disc. Running on Windows98, 2000, and ME, the game lacks animation and voice acting entirely[1].

A summary of the game's plot can be found here.

It's not known why Revo composed for this but he is credited in numerous places; including in the game's material, the credits, and the opening trailer. Because this OST was never released commercially, none of the tracks have names and are simply BGM files in the game's data. Due to this, four of the Eroge games Revo composed for (櫻姫, Riddle in Riddle, GeNOME ~進化の遺伝子を探せ~ , and シスターマーメイド) remain unrecognized in most of his discography lists.


All tracks composed and arranged by Revo.

1."Track 1"1:13
2."Track 2"1:16
3."Track 3"1:39
4."Track 4"0:49
5."Track 5"2:17
6."Track 6"1:51
7."Track 7"2:03
8."Track 8"2:06
9."Track 9"2:27
10."Track 10"2:18
11."Track 11"2:16
12."Track 12"2:30
13."Track 13"2:03
14."Track 14"2:14
15."Track 15"1:57
16."Track 16"1:43
17."Track 17"1:36


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  • 紀山 聡 (Satoshi Kiyama) – artwork
Voice acting