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『poca felicità』

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Album by Revo
Label Marvelous Entertainment
Catalog No. MJCD-20043
Barcode 4535506200433
Format CD
Price ¥3,150 (tax included)
¥3,000 (without tax)
Release Date December 21st, 2005
Producer Revo
Revo chronology
leviathan リヴァイアサン/終末を告げし獣
poca felicità
・・・for rest

poca felicità GUNSLINGER GIRL Image Album is an image album for the 13 episode anime adaptation of the manga Gunslinger Girl. Released on December 20th, 2005, it contains 11 tracks and features JOSEFA and the original voice actors from the 2003 anime. "poca felicità" roughly translates to "Little Happiness", a theme Revo plays with throughout the album.

A summary of the anime's plot can be found here.

In 2015, Marvelous Entertainment rereleased many GUNSLINGER GIRL-related albums, including this one[1]. This album was also released digitally internationally on platforms like Spotify, iTunes Music, and Youtube Music on December 9th, 2020 [2].

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

All tracks written, composed and arranged by Revo, except where noted.

1."La ragazza col fucile" (~ 少女と銃 ~) 5:18
2."Il fratello" (~『兄妹』に捧げる弦楽四重奏 ~) 2:59
3."Lui si chiama・・・" (~ 私の大切な人・・・彼の名は・・・ ~) 6:26
4."La principessa del regno del sole" (~ 無邪気なお姫様 ~) 6:12
5."Biancaneve bruno" (~ 白雪姫と8人の小人 ~) 6:08
6."Pinocchio" (~ 殺し屋ピノッキオ ~)6:28
7."Claes tranquillo" (~ 眼鏡と1つの約束 ~) 7:24
8."La principessa del regno della pasta" (~ 可哀想なお姫様 ~) 7:23
9."Io mi chiamo・・・" (~ 貴方だけの義体・・・私の名は・・・ ~) 5:15
10."La ragazza" (~『少女』に捧げるピアノ独奏 ~) 3:19
11."La ragazza col fucile e poca felicità" (~ 少女と銃と小さな幸せ ~) 5:08

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Original author
Vocals and voices

Miki Strings – violin section

String quartet

※ Studios: Delfi Sound, Wonder Beat Studio, Avaco Creative Studio, Power House and Hitokuchi-zaka Studio.

Special thanks

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