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"You may think of the following terms and their definitions as "make-believe", intended to enhance your Sound Horizon experience. Of course, we have no intention of forcing you to use these terms, please feel free to treat these as simply another layer of entertainment, and to use them where you see fit." - Sound Horizon Glossary[1]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

These are terms you may commonly encounter in Sound Horizon circles online. Some are found from the official SH website and others are commonly used by fans.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

Falsely Similar People
  • Falsely-Similar People- 似て非なる人々 (Nite Hinaru Hitobito) are people who appear in various concerts and live events. The only common characteristic (that we know of) is their uncanny likeness to Revo. How are these people related to Revo? Who knows, as even the SH staff isn't sure who these people really are; "even us staff members don't know the truth. Are they completely unrelated to Revo? Are they actually his siblings? Or are they really the same person? The mystery thickens. Actually, There are some we're not even sure if we can call "falsely similar people". This is a tricky subject indeed."[1]

  • Laurant- ローラン, A fan of Sound Horizon. Fans are also called SHer's, 国民 (Kokumin, Citizens), 旅人 (Tabibito, Travelers), 観測者 (Kansoku-sha, Observers), or 幻想の神々 (Genshou no Kamigami, Gods of Fantasy). There's no strict rule, so feel free to call yourself whatever you want! Many Laurants seem to enjoy the weird modulation and irregular beat of SH, and the frustratingly esoteric lyrical booklets. To them, it seems they view it as another aspect of the Sound Horizon experience. However, no one can tell why they've become a Laurant better than them!

  • Revo- Sound Horizon's producer, composer, and concert presenter. He is the monarch of Sound Horizon Kingdom, and rules over Laurants. He instills fear into many band members and singers who have to put up with his musical creativity; He has a record of composing songs that run well over 10 minutes, and has been known to write extremely complicated sheet music. Depending on the era and horizon, he goes by many names; 陛下 (Heika, His Majesty), 王様 (Ousama, King), RevoP, グラサン (Gurusan), 団長 (Danchou, Commander). He is also famous for getting frequent leg cramps during live performances.

  • Sound Horizon Kingdom- An ever-moving kingdom that exists in the realm of fantasy. Commonly shortened to SHK, it's territory isn't well-defined, as the kingdom exists within every Laurant's heart. It only manifests in our world during special concerts and events, and has done so on numerous occassions. So far, the kingdom has manifested in Hokkaido, Miyagi, Tochigi, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Niigata, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi, Osaka, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Korea and Singapore. Revo lives in a giant castle along with his mystical animal friends. The most infamous, and oldest, is León, a lion with breathtakingly beautiful wings. It's theorized that Revo flies around on him to spread SHK.

  • Territorial Expansion- Nation-wide tours that take place every couple of years. Unlike Story Concerts, where a single Horizon is portrayed, these concerts host many different stories with many different performers. The setlist isn't announced before hand, so Laurants try to attend multiple lives if possible.There have been three Territorial Expansions and one "hope" for territorial expansion; Sound Horizon 第一次領土拡大遠征, 第二次領土拡大遠征, 第三次領土拡大遠征, and 第一次領土復興遠征. The "Hope" for territorial expansion came to bring hope for revival from the tsunami and earthquakes in 2011.

References[edit | edit source]