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Welcome to The Revo Wiki!

Our mission is to archive information about everything the Japanese composer Revo does, ranging from his work with Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon to his obscure web songs and small live events.

We're just starting out, so bear with the many many incomplete links and pages.

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with Sound Horizon, Linked Horizon, Revo, Ponycanyon, or any other entities referred to on this site besides ourselves. Please support them by visiting their original sites. We make no money off of this, if there are any legal issues we will politely remove the offending content.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • What is a "Revo" and why make a wiki for it?

Revo is a Japanese composer who acts as the front-man for the bands Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon. As with many Japanese artists, the information about their works hardly crosses the seas, even after the rise of the internet and the linking of many many cultures. It's important to note the lack of English information on this composer, who's written over 500 songs! As fans, we feel dedicated to sharing his music and archiving every aspect of his (and related artist's) careers.

  • Are you affiliated with Sound Horizon, Linked Horizon, Ponycanyon, or RAP-Products?

No, this is fully created for fans, by fans.