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Web Songs

Album by Revo
Release Date 1998-2002
Producer Revo

Web Songs are songs released on any of Revo's websites or any affiliate websites. There are various types of songs released on websites, some are teaser songs and some were made before Sound Horizon was created. In the mid-to-late 1990's, Revo began to release music under the pseudonym "G.Revo". He released songs using the website sound-horizon.net and his personal blog. Songs were continued to be released online until around 2001, with the release of Chronicle propelling Revo into physical releases. Sound Horizon promotional songs were released on specialty websites, and Revo's blog continued to feature special releases. The most recent Web Songs is "NearestFuture.mp4", a promotional song for the upcoming Sound Horizon release.


DiaboLiQuE (ALICE)

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."アズライト (Ver1.0)" ("Azulite's Theme")雷丸 (Raigan)1999/08/07(fill me)

Final Fantasy Adventure

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."雨に朽ちゆく調べ" ("バトル2")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)

SaGa (series)

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."しりとりサガ・メドレ-1 [8連携] (Ver1.0)" (medley)伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)1999/09/23(fill me)
2."Aisha Drive [4連携] (Ver 1.0)" (medley)伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)1999/09/29(fill me)

Romancing SaGa

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."オ-プニングテ-マ" 1999/08/05(fill me)
2."アルベルト" 1999/08/05(fill me)
3."シフ" 1999/08/05(fill me)
4."クロ-ディア" 1999/08/05(fill me)
5."グレイ" 1999/08/05(fill me)
6."バ-バラ" 1999/08/05(fill me)
7."バ-バラのタンゴ" 1999/08/05(fill me)
8."アイシャ" 1999/08/06(fill me)
9."決戦!サル-イン" 1999/08/09(fill me)
10."バトル2" 1999/08/15(fill me)
11."キャプテンホ-ク" 1999/08/20(fill me)
12."脱出!" 1999/08/20(fill me)
13."下水道" 1999/08/25(fill me)
14."勝利!" 1999/08/28(fill me)
15."ジャミル" 1999/08/29(fill me)
16."宮殿のテ-マ" 1999/09/04(fill me)
17."迷いの森" 1999/09/05(fill me)
18."船旅" 1999/09/10(fill me)
19."孤独のテ-マ2" 1999/09/15(fill me)
20."エスタミル" 1999/09/17(fill me)
21."試練" 1999/09/18(fill me)
22."ダンジョン2" 1999/09/22(fill me)
23."コンプリ-トBOX" N/A(fill me)
24."ダンジョン1" N/A(fill me)
25."バトル1" N/A(fill me)
26."騎士の誇り" N/A(fill me)
27."称号獲得" N/A(fill me)
28."クリスタルシティ" N/A(fill me)
29."南エスタミル" N/A(fill me)
30."魔の島" N/A(fill me)
31."四天王のダンジョン" N/A(fill me)
32."傷心のアイシャ" N/A(fill me)
33."孤独のテ-マ" N/A(fill me)
34."涙を拭いて" N/A(fill me)
35."ラストダンジョン" N/A(fill me)
36."邪神復活" N/A(fill me)
37."エンディングテ-マ" N/A(fill me)
38."冒険者のテ-マ" N/A(fill me)
39."ロマンスという名の悲劇" ("バトル2")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)
40."果てしなき世界" ("アイシャ")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)
41."ジプシー・ダンサー" ("バーバラ")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)
42."Dancing Saga" ("クローディア" + "アルベルト" + "グレイ" + "オーバーチュア〜オープニングタイトル")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)

Romancing SaGa 3

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."Stardust Green" ("ユリアンのテーマ")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)

SaGa Frontier

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."原始の炎" ("アセルスのテーマ")伊藤賢治 (Kenji Itō)N/A(fill me)

Final Fantasy (series)

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."奇怪ヶ森の歌チョコボ" ("Chocobo's Theme")植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu)1999/10/05(fill me)
2."ドナドナ・ファンタジー" ("Dona, Dona" + Final Fantasy's "Prelude")1999/12/03(fill me)

Final Fantasy V

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."機械仕掛けの 夕陽の下で" ("ビッグブリッヂの死闘")植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu)1999/10/02(fill me)

同級生2 (elf)

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."桜子 (Ver1.0)" ("杉本桜子のテーマ")国枝学 (Manabu Kunieda)1999/08/05(fill me)
2."唯 (Ver1.0)" ("鳴沢唯のテーマ")国枝学 (Manabu Kunieda)1999/08/05(fill me)
3."Ardent Love (Ver1.0)" ("ARDENT LOVE")国枝学 (Manabu Kunieda)1999/08/05(fill me)
4."「お出かけ「唯」ちゃん♪」" ("鳴沢唯のテーマ")国枝学 (Manabu Kunieda)1999/11/10(fill me)

Princess Mononoke

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."月下の咆哮" ("Revo_lost_Mono.mid / もののけ姫")久石譲 (Joe Hisashi)1999/10/16(fill me)


No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."StartLine" ("最初のフィールド?")
  • 鈴木慶一 (Keiichi Suzuki)
  • 田中宏和 (Hirokazu Tanaka)
1999/10/08(fill me)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

No.TitleWriter(s)Release DateLength
1."新世紀 サライネンデスヤンOP主題歌" ("残酷な天使のテーゼ")
  • 及川眠子 (Neko Oikawa)
  • 佐藤英敏 (Hidetoshi Satō)
  • 大森俊之 (Toshiyuki Ōmori)
1999/10/11(fill me)

Original Songs

Website BGM

1."Ever Green Horizon"(fill me)
2."Forest Horizon" (Revo_ForestH.mid)(fill me)
3."Cherry Horizon" (Revo_CherryH.mid)(fill me)
4."Spring Horizon"(fill me)
5."Marine Horizon" (Revo_MarineH.mid)(fill me)
6."White Horizon" (Revo_WhiteH.mid)(fill me)
7."Endless Horizon" (Revo_EndlessH.mid)(fill me)
8."破壊 ~誕生前夜~"(fill me)


No.TitleRelease DateLength
1."不思議な扉 (Ver. 1.5)" (Revo_Tobira.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
2."一回100円の大冒険 (Ver. 1.0)"1999/08/05(fill me)
3."パンにはやっぱり、アボソフト。 (Ver. 1.0)"1999/08/19(fill me)
4."オルロワ-ジュに花束を (Ver. 1.0)"1999/08/26(fill me)
5."夕陽は今日も、雪原を紅く染めながら・・・ (Ver. 1.0)"1999/08/27(fill me)
6."Eyes On Me (Ver. 1.0)"1999/09/19(fill me)
7."砂の魔獣との戦い[more than Rock] (Ver. 1.0)"1999/09/21(fill me)
8."FF1「バトル1」 (Ver. 1.0)"1999/11/04(fill me)
9."へっぽっこ課 BGM (Ver. 1.0)"1999/11/05(fill me)
10."One (K)night Adventure (Ver.1.0)" (Revo_Knight.mid)1999/11/05(fill me)

Known Story

No.TitleRelease DateLength
1."永遠を手に入れた魔術師 (Ver. 0.8)"1999/01/07(fill me)
2."Windy Valley'Re~風の在る場所~ (Ver. 0.5)"1999/10/29(fill me)
3."いづれ 滅びゆく星の煌き (Ver. 撃沈)"1999/11/16(fill me)
4."樹氷の君 (Ver. 0.8)"1999/12/28(fill me)
5."Dark River(Ver. Re)"2000/05/01(fill me)
6."雷神の右腕"2000/05/01(fill me)
7."Windy Valley'Re"2000/05/01(fill me)
8."Little Wonder(Ver. Re)"2000/05/01(fill me)
9."いづれ 滅びゆく星の煌き (Ver. Re)"2000/05/01(fill me)
10."Sakura"2000/05/01(fill me)
11."Clock(Ver. 1.0)"2000/05/13(fill me)
12."屋根裏の少女 (Ver. 1.0)"2000/06/09(fill me)
13."AZiSai(Ver. 0.8)"2000/06/21(fill me)
14."織姫"2000/07/07(fill me)
15."『SUMMER END』]"2000/08/29(fill me)
16."いづれ 滅びゆく星の煌き(Ver. ReMaster)"2002(fill me)
17."樹氷の花 (Ver. 0.7)"N/A(fill me)
18."雷神の右腕 (Ver. Re)"N/A(fill me)
19."夏の時雨(Ver. 1.0)"N/A(fill me)
20."左手には黒い花束を"N/A(fill me)
21."最期のプレゼント (Ver. 1.0)"N/A(fill me)
22."織姫 (Ver 未完成)"N/A(fill me)
23."樹氷の花"N/A(fill me)
24."雪桜(Ver. 1.0)"N/A(fill me)
25."追憶の森"N/A(fill me)
26."雷神の右腕(嵐の中 Ver.)" (fill me)


No.TitleRelease DateLength
1."Darli'n (Ver. 1.0)" (Revo_Darlin.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
2."Lucky Days (Ver. 1.0)" (Revo_Lucky.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
3."Hands on Heart (Ver. 1.0)" (Revo_Hands.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
4."ぷろろ~ぐ (Ver1.0)" (Revo_Org.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
5."おるすばん! (Ver1.0)" (Revo_Room.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
6."Make me Happy (Ver. 1.0)" (Revo_Happy.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
7."そよ風にのせて"2000/05/01(fill me)

No Known Story

No.TitleRelease DateLength
1."PSG①(仮) (Ver0.5)"1999/08/05(fill me)
2."明日雪が降ったら (Ver. 1.0)"1999/08/05(fill me)
3."方舟に揺られ見る夢は (Ver0.5)" (Revo_Dreamin.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
4."木枯らしの季節 (Ver. 1.0)"1999/08/05(fill me)
5."草原のテーマ (Ver. 0.5)" (Revo_Grass.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
6."砂漠のテーマ (Ver. 1.0)" (Revo_Desert.mid)1999/08/05(fill me)
7."薔薇のくちづけ・千の棘 (Ver. 1.0)" (Revo_Kiss.mid)1999/08/12(fill me)
8."Misty Valley'Re (Ver. 1.0)"1999/09/11(fill me)
9."Blue Crowd (Ver. 0.5)" (Revo_Crowd.mid)1999/09/26(fill me)
10."Wild Millennum (Ver. 0.1)"1999/10/16(fill me)
11."Noiz'el (Ver. 0.3)"1999/10/20(fill me)
12."Little Wonder~ポケットの中の不思議な世界~ (Ver. 0.8)"1999/10/23(fill me)
13."白のルミナス (Ver. 1.0)"1999/11/24(fill me)
14."レプリカ (Ver. 0.5)"1999/11/30(fill me)
15."走馬燈 (Ver. 1.0)"1999/12/26(fill me)

Sound Horizon Web Songs

No.TitleRelease DateLength
1."SH電波"N/A(fill me)
2."ピコベルジュの聖戦♪"N/A(fill me)
3."ピコルド"N/A(fill me)
4."ピコロマン"N/A(fill me)
5."ATM"N/A(fill me)
6."エスパー學園【ミラ】予告編"N/A(fill me)
7."王様君の大冒険♪-"N/A(fill me)
8."Revoの大冒険"N/A(fill me)
9."SHK国歌"N/A(fill me)
10."Revive"N/A(fill me)
11."朝と夜の物語(New Yeah Ver.)"2007/01/01(fill me)
12."NearestFuture.mp4"2019/10/27(fill me)