Winter Mix 2003

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Winter Mix 2003 is an album released by TORANOANA at Comiket 65 on December 28th, 2003. Containing three tracks, they were composed by MANYO (Little Wing) and Revo (Sound Horizon). The first three songs being various versions of the same song and the fourth song being composed by Revo. This song, White Bell Fantasia, is the only instrumental track on the CD, except for the karaoke version of まちびと.


1."まちびと"片霧烈火 (Rekka Katakiri)まにょっ (MANYO)6:42
2."まちびと(カラオケバージョン)"N/Aまにょっ (MANYO)6:42
3."まちびと(ショートバージョン)"片霧烈火 (Rekka Katakiri)まにょっ (MANYO)3:05
4."White Bell Fantasia"N/ARevo2:02


  • まにょっ (MANYO)【Little Wing】– music (tracks 1-3)
  • 片霧烈火 (Rekka Katakiri)【CLOSED/UNDERGROUND】– words, vocals (tracks 1,3)
  • SAKULA – choir (tracks 1-3)
  • RevoSound Horizon】– music (track 4)